Bev Bailey

Available Locations: Los Angeles
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Yard Times Co-Star Nick Chandler
Will to Serve Guest Star Matt Hendricks
College Journalism Co-Star Matt Miller
Fill Lag on the Play Lead Drew Kraft


pH Productions Company Ensemble Role pH Comedy Theater, Chicago
Pitch Please, An A Capella Improvised Musical Role Various Theaters, Los Angeles
The Comedy Shrine Players Role The Comedy Shrine Theater, Chicago
REC League Role Comedy Sportz, Chicago
Recapitulation Role The Second City, Chicago
Music Improv House Ensemble Role The Second City, Chicago


Maude Lead Michael Downing
Constant Contact Lead Kim Nguyen
LIFE Foundation Co-Star Plum Productions


Flare Path Mrs. Oaks Peter Faber
Rocky Horror Show Trixie Amy Couey
Flux Capacitor: The Musical Lorraine Jason Geis
The Breakfast Club Musical Claire Jason Geis
ReadyMade DayDreame Fountain Keith Horvath
Goddamn, Mitt Ensemble Jordan Pedersen
Once Upon a Rom Com: A Bill Pullman Story Carnie Worker Neal Fischer


McDonald's Internal Training Videos Guest Star McDonald's Productions