Glenda Suggs

Union(s): SAG_E
Available Locations: Los Angeles
Primary Agent(s):
Alan Coto (Commercial)   
Additional Resources:


Five Knives: The Rising Lead Supporting (Mom) Dir. Phil Mucci
Fun Gone Wrong: Cry Me A River Lead Supporting (Mom) Phillip Sebal
We The People With Gloria Allred, S2E1 Supporting Lead (Kaitlin, plaintiff) Entertainment Studios


Scary Larry Lead (Aunt Betsy) Dir. Todd Nunes
Kovich & Himlan Lead (Melody Kovich) Dir. Meggan Amos
The Long Way Home Supporting (Tracy) Dir. Alex Herron
Darwin'd Supporting Lead (Carla) Dir. Brigg Bloomquist
Dance Dance Dance Supporting (Marge) Dir. Nima Shoghi
Janet and Tess Lead (Tess) Dir. Richard Tatum
Gayted Community Supporting Lead (Karan) Dir. Ronit Bitan & Yael Boster
Plea Supporting (Susan) Dir. Barry Gribble
These Four Walls Lead (Janice) Dir. Jay Holben
The Marina Lead (Zara) Dir. Jay Holben
As Is Above Supporting (Diana) Dir. Danielle Reid
Hands Supporting (Cathy) Dir. Victor Mathieu


She's Too Fat: Fat Bitch Guest Star (Officer Morgan) Dir. Matthew Long
Creed Dating Supporting Lead (Leona) Dir. Kristine Gorlitz
At Your Service Recurring (Eileen) Dir. Becky Chen
Pregnant: Nunya Guest Star (Caroline) Dir. Jon Byron


Taulia: "Just Try It" Lead Supporting (Cashier) Tekino
Little Caesar's: "Can't See The Crust" Lead (Wife) Dir. Harold Einstein, Dummy
Hill's Science Diet "Fat Cat" Supporting (Mom) Dir. Darrell Wheat
Checkpoint: "Hospital" Lead (Nurse) Dir. Dave Farese
Fruigees: "Mom and Foodie" Lead (Mom) Dir. Peter Cannon, Short & Sweet Media


Wells Fargo Television Commercial (English Dub) TV Broadcast, China
The Universe Documentary Narration Capstone Project
Iron Soul Video Game Magmata Studios
Iron Soul Video Game Promo Magmata Studios
99 Cent Only Stores "99 My Party" Television Commercial National Broadcast
The Veil: Pilot Podcast Radio Drama Dir. Matthew Fowler
Obama SuperPac Campaign PSA Internet
Wolf (Börü) English Dubbing Netflix
The Veil: Mirror Man Podcast Radio Drama Dir. Matthew Fowler
The Veil: Parasite Podcast Radio Drama Dir. Matthew Fowler
99 Cent Only Stores "99 My Holiday" Television Commercial National Broadcast


Delusion: Blood Rite Supporting (Sabrina) Dir. Jon Braver, Haunted Play
Musical Comedy Murders of 1940 Supporting (Dottie) Dir. Doreen Dunn, Eastland Theater
Renaissance Pleasure Faire Supporting (multiple) Dir. Kristen Mansour
Akuma-Shin Supporting (Dr. Joyce Brothers) Dir. Scott Leggett, Sacred Fools
Eviction Notice Supporting (Naomi) Dir. Brian Allman, Defiance Theater
Delusion: His Crimson Queen Supporting (Naiya) Dir. Jon Braver, Haunted Play
Alone Supporting (Prism) Dir. Lawrence Lewis
The Wizard of Oz Lead Supporting (Wicked Witch) Dir. John Goodman, Reynoldsburg Theatre
Frankenstein (Musical Parody) Supporting (Elizabeth) Dir. Steve Helgoth, Theater Underground
Crimes By Women Lead (Belle) Dir. Erik Engman, Sacred Fools
Delusion: Lies Within Lead Supporting (Glenda) Dir. Jon Braver, Haunted Play
Mittens and Ms. Mulligan Lead (Mittens) Dir. Erik Engman, Sacred Fools
Delusion: Masque Of Mortality Lead Supporting (The Bishop) Dir. Jon Braver, Haunted Play
Othello Supporting (Desdemona) Dir. Ted Karber, Aardvaark Theater


Cornish College of the Arts Acting BFA
Scene Study Audition Technique Annie Grindlay
Second City Conservatory Improvisation Continuing- Conservatory III