Marshal HIlton

Union(s): SAG/AFTRA
Available Locations: Los Angeles
Primary Agent(s):
Theo Caesar (Theatrical)   
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Legacy Supporting Lead Premiere Entertainment
Break Even Supporting Dir. Shane Stanley
In Night Forrest, [Thriller] Lead Hiroka Productions
Decisions, [Drama] Featured Music Is Everything Production
Breakfast with The Colonel, [Drama] Supporting Fidget Barn Productions
Cold Comfort, [Drama] Lead Phaedrus Films
Watermelon Seed, [Drama] Supporting Catworks Productions
Self Sanction, [Drama] Featured Automatic Films
Blood Revenge, [Thriller] Supporting Vista Street Entertainment
Mr. Lucky, [Drama] Supporting Unger Films
The Prayer, [Drama] Featured Whindmill Pictures
Sorceress II [Thriller] Featured Sunset Films Intl.
Mona [Drama] Lead Gold Star Pictures
Captain Morgan: Desperate Times, [Drama] Lead Marquiss Brothers Films
Beyond The Threshold [Drama] Lead M.P.I./Sini Films
Beetleborgs The Movie [Fantasy] Supporting Bugboy Productions
The Herdsman [Drama] Supporting Boulevard Productions
Southern Man [Drama] Supporting E-Motion Pictures
N-4 [Drama] Lead Pomegranate Pictures
The Doorman [Action- Drama] Supporting Allied Entertainment Group
Straight Right [Drama] Supporting Fight the Good Fight,LLC
The Honorable [Drama] Supporting Figaro Pictures
Naked Beneath The Water - [Horror-Thriller] Featured Velvet Hammer Films
Nailed [Horror-Thriller] Supporting Ben Katz Productions
The Shadow Man, [Action-Drama Lead Deep Focus Films LLC
Amhurst - [Horror-Thriller] Supporting Lifeline Entertainment
Exodus? - [Drama-Thriller] Lead CVM Productions
American Soul - [Drama] Attached TBA
Redux - {Drama} Supporting Khron Films
The Baja Drop, [Action-Drama] Lead Nautical 12 Productions
Sinister Heaven, [Suspense-Thriller] Supporting Lead Blare Media Inc.
A Gothic Tale, [Suspense-Thriller] Lead A Gothic Tale Productions
Next To Die, [Suspense-Thriller] Supporting Bright Sun Productions
Gestation, [Action-Thriller] Lead Burst Sity Productions
The Pig People, [Horror-Thriller] Supporting Vault Load Films
The Living Corpse, [Animated Horror] Lead Shoreline Entertainment
FATE, [Sci-Fi Suspense-Thriller] Lead Treage Productions
The Other Side, [Drama-Action] Supporting Lead P3 Productions
Teeth & Blood, [Drama/Thriller] Supporting Robstar Ent.
Bunnyman Massacre, [Horror/Thriller] Supporting Carl Lindberg ANOC Productions
Brooklyn Knight, [Urban Drama] Supporting Brooklyn Knight Productions
Unreported, [Drama] Supporting Taurean Entertainment
The Entitled, [Dramady] Supporting Oh Good Productions
Virginity, [Drama] Supporting Dir. Sam Khoze
Criticized, [Drama-Thriller] Supporting Carl T. Evans, Dir.
THEM, [Sci-Fi Thriller] Supporting Lead Onward Motion Pictures
Vilified, [Drama/Thriller] Lead Internal Cowboy Prods.
Coiled, [Noir Thriller] Supporting Tim French, Dir.
Monumental, [Drama] Supporting Scott B. Hansen, Dir.
In the Name of God, [Drama] Supporting Lead Danny Roth, Producer
I AM ALONE, [Drama Thriller] Lead Abstract Forces Prods
Bunnyman 3 [Horror Thriller] Supporting ANOC Productions
120/80, Black Comedy [Black Comedy] Lead Dir. Mark Savage
False Colors, [Political Thriller] Supporting Dir. William Norton
The Chemist, [Action Thriller] Supporting Dir. Art Camacho
Ditch Party, [Thriller] Supporting Hourglass Pictures
Executive Protection, [Action Thriller] Lead Gruner Films, Dir. O. Gruner
Primal Rage: The Legend of Oh-Mah, [Action Thriller] Lead Dir. Patrick Magee
The Devil Dogs of Kilo Company - [Animated Action Drama], Lead Dir. Bobby Easley
The Raking, [Thriller] Lead Lesson 1 Entertainment
The Perfect Weapon [Sci-Fi-Action] Supporting VMI Worldwide -Titus Paar Dir.
Echoes of Fear [Thriller] Lead Dir. Brian Avenet-Bradley
Nothing Like The Sun [Drama] Lead (In-Post) 2018 Horsehead Cinema
ASTRO [Sci-Fi] Lead Film Life Factory
The Debt Collector [Action-Drama] Supporting Dir. Jesse V. Johnson
A Clear Shot [Drama] 2109 Lead A Clear Shot Prods