Alexis Rhee SAG/AFTRA

Available Locations: Los Angeles
Primary Agent(s):
Theatrical: Theo Caesar  


Chance Costar/Lucy's Mother Jonas Pate/Fox21/Hulu
Good Face Costar/Mrs. Park Lina Suh/New Incubator,Gold Mine
Dr. Ken (4 episodes) Recurring Costar/In-Soon Park Scott Ellis and more/Sony
Relationship Status Costar/Nancy Elizabeth Allen Rosenbaum/F.F.F.
Ray Donovan Costar/Korean Owner Colin Bucksey/Showtime
I Married a Method Actor Costar/Asian Mom Dominique Generaux/IMMA
The Fosters Costar/Mrs. Kim Lee Rose/ABC/JLE/Nuyoric an
Funny or Die (WWIII) Costar/Panelist Sean Boyle/Funny or Die Inc.
Unusual Suspect:Dangerous Fortune Guest Star/Ha Jade Smith Dean Aielo/LMSO-Discovery
NTSF-SD-SUV Costar/North Korean Boss Paul Scheer/Comedy Central
Sunset Bar (TV movie) Costar/Sue John Scott/Sunset Bar prod
Radical (pilot) Costar/Kwok's Mother Cynthia Mort/Steakhous Prod
22 (pilot) Costar/Chinese Woman Todd Strauss/Schulson/Sus agefest
The Shield Costar/Su Lee Terrence O'Hara/FX
Lost Costar/Jin's mother Fred Toye/Touchstone TV
ER Costar/Mrs.Paik Andrew Bernstein/Warner
Gilmore Girls(2 episodes) Costar/Singer Kenny Ortega, Jamie Babbit/Warner
Night Stalker (2 episodes) Guest Star/Soo Elodie Keen/Touchstone
10-8 Featured/weeping wife Tom Wright/Spelling
Hosted By Sidekick to Florence Henderson MGM
Tour of Duty (2 episodes) Recurring Costar/Madam Steven Posey/Braun Ent. Group
Superior Court Guest Star/Sue Ralph Edwards Prod.
Fame Featured/Violinist Debbie Allen/NBC
Young and the Restless Featured CBS-TV
This is Life Featured NBC-TV


Fountain of Youth Eun Jung Ronak Shah/Blue Fire Films, LLC
Lust Life Love Daniel's Mom Benjamin Feuer/Stephanie Sellars
This Land Eun-ja Michael Aloyan/Beneficial Entert.
BLACK PANTHER Supporting/Sophia Ryan Coogler/Marvel Studios
Kimchi Supporting/Kyung Ja Jackson Seagars/K.Production s
HAL Lead/ Alice Morgan Rudner/Dilly Dally Prod
Implant Lead/Irene/Mei Casey C Johnson/Crossing Bridge
Couch Survivor Supporting/Carol Martin Jonny Walls/Cine Line Prods
Counting For Thunder Supporting/Drug Dealer Phillip Irwin Cooper/CFT
Salvation Street Supporting/Mrs. Nuygen Ralph Edwards/Hemisphere Ent.
Long Distance Soup Lead/Suli Elliot Frahs/Chapman Thesis
Home From War Supporting/Nurse Lim Jonathan Dillon/HFTH Prod
Cleaner Lead/Chun Hee Kim Masami Kawai/UCLA Grad Thesis
Girl Friend Supporting/Lin's Mother Pamela Lama/A lama Roney Prod
The Tuner Supporting/Hana Blair Cosby/BARC Productions
Don't Break the Circle Supporting/Lin's Mother Chin-Wei Liu/UCLA grad
Mata Leao:The Lion Killer Supporting/Amy Warren Jeremiah Flores/Sola Gratia prod
White T Supporting/Mei Ling Lance Frank/Prefect Films
Geraldine Supporting/Sung Hee Sebati Mafate/Halfman Halfwolf
Lee's Market Lead/Mrs. Lee Jing Shao/Leesmarket Prod.
The Agency Film Supporting/Patricia Sam Schectman/W2M Pictures
The Choi Family Lead/ He Young Choi Jason Stefaniack/Choi Family
The man without a Head Mimio Jonny Roc/Screen World Film
The Things We Carry Sunny Roberts Ian McCrudden/Lobit Sisters Prod
Stacy's Mom Mrs. Takanakanushiawa Patrick Sayre/Monumental Film
Adventure of Umbweki Supporting/Young Chi Sarah Poindexter/Ambush Films
Eat Lead/Mrs. Cho Danny Jai Lee/Eat productions
The Seekers Supporting/Olivia Bitano Frank Megna/Working Stage
NORBIT Supporting/Mrs. Ling Ling Brian Robbins/Tollin Robbins
Deface Supporting/Jung Un John Arlotto/Painting Pictures
Because I said So Supporting/Masseuse Michael Lehman/Gold Circle
Channerls Lead/Mother Ricardo Moreno/Silver Culture
On the Rocks Lead/Katie Sun Tae Hwang/Groove Film
The Achievers Supporting/Akira's Mom Abraham Lim/Tornado Prod.
CRASH Principal/Kim Lee Paul Haggis/Bull's Eye Prods
Gilda Featured/Geisha Alberto Sordi/Mito
Gang Justice Lead/Paul's Mom Richard Park/Peacock Films
The Visit Lead/Mrs. Kim Mobilagi Olambi/AFI
Hunt to Kill Principal/Freedom Fighter Matt Cimber/Delta
Silent Assassins Supporting/Joanna's Mother Scott Young/Action Brothers Prod.
Hanging Heart News Reporter Jimmy Lee/Hanging heart
Play Ground News Reporter Zach Zacanas
BLADE RUNNER Billboard Geisha Ridley Scott/Warner Brothers


Joy luck Club (Touring) An-Mei Tsu Andy Ferrara/Plan B Prod.
TEDx Talk Speaker/Presenter/Writer La Jolla Playhouse
Sword Play (Staged Reading) Lead/Haneul Kirk Douglas Theater
Russian Tea-Room Margaret Underground Theater
Twelve Angry Women Juror #8 Monterey City Chambers
Western Avenue Lead/May Ensemble Theater