Cammie Middleton

Union(s): SAG/AFTRA
Available Locations: Los Angeles
Primary Agent(s):
Theo Caesar (Theatrical)   
Additional Resources:


Forked Road Series Regular Silawn Lewis
Judge Mablean Guest Star Entertainment Studios TV
Under A Pear Tree Series Regular Wesley Roby
Torn From the Headlines: NY Post Co-Star ID/Chase B. Kenney
Arnold's Caribbean Pizza Recurring Guest Star Bentley Kyle Evans
Bang For Your Buck Guest Host HGTV Cable Network
Double Cross Recurring Guest Star UMC- Christel Gibson
Man With A Van Co-Star ID/Brad Rushing
United Space of America Series Regular W. Caballero
Wild West Chronicles Co-Star Morningstar Entertainment


Cheating the System Supporting Rebekah Hardwicke
Lose to Win Lead Antonia Roman
Blood Sweat & Glitter Lead Amanda. Spencer
Pretty Ugly Dreams Supporting Sophie Hoffman
The Racists Supporting Marguerite Fair/Kosciewicz
Pub.Lie.Size Supporting Josh Mitchell
The Youth Supporting Sean Garcia
Queentriggerfish Supporting Jacob Hinmon
Dead Talks Supporting Chuck Anakwenze
Banned Supporting Nicole Thompson
The Allnighter Supporting Aimee Graham
Miracle Sunday Lead John &Wendy Schuler
Christian Love Supporting Cliff Rubin
Domestic Relaltions Lead Darvin Milligan
Trial Run Supporting Madeline Rozwat
Glass Half Empty Lead Ulrich Company-Larry Ulrich
Della Mae Supporting Kiana Woodson
Viral Supporting Micheal Rich
Lesson Learned Lead Micheal Rich
Tree is Still There Supporting Melanie Andrews, Val Kilmer
Strawberry Princess Supporting Rod Scott
I Just Wanted to Say Lead Gerard Myles
That Quarantine Life Supporting Ashna Sharan
Starling Lead Alex J Mann
Desert Sky Supporting D. Hartstone & Lexa Gluck
Eastern Standard Lead Lin-Chun Lin
The Hummingbirds Supporting PBS/W. Caballero


Wild Things: Animal Adventures Lead V/O Video Game Brunette Games 2020
Jane Austen Solitaire Lead V/O Video Game Lisa Brunette Games 2020
Hurt People/ Aloe Black Co-Star Geffen Records
Mozzy/JG/Ty$ - Thug Mansion Co-Star Empire
Que Maldicion/Snoop Dog Co-Star Carlos Bravo
Reright Chicago Co-Star C. Lawson
Before You Go to School Co-Star Valentina Vee
The After Hours Co-Star T. A. Williams
I Hear You Recurring Guest Star Shelley Mechette
Deliberations (Podcast) Series Regular Chelsea Cox
Casework Co-Star Justin Wolske
Crypt TV: Taste Guest Star Crypt TV-Alex Grybauskas
Dire Multiverse Series Regular Angel McCoy
Duet Me Guest Star Hooked App/Tik Tok
Love Is-The Treavor Project Guest Star Ashna Sharan
Laugh Gallery USA Guest Star Katie Love
Vote 2020 PSA Guest Star Ashna Sharan
Ellenleigh Lead V/O Video Game Brunette Games
Earth Eclipsed Series Regular N. Prufer, A. J. Churchill
Alan Hancock College Covid Response Lead V/O Alan Hancock College
V Card Recurring Guest Star Marissa McCoy


Seven Bridges Road Church Lady Kristina Lloyd/The Blank
Meet Cute: Camp Tayshauna Lauren Ludwig/Three Clubs
Homeward LA Sinnett Talia Levine
Butcher Boys Immersive Improv Marge Prime Video-Nathan Shoop
Super Cowgirl and Mighty Miracle Grandma Carole North
Rochester 1996 Chakaia Lauren Ludwig/Hollywood Fringe
Men-O-Pause - Ages of the Colors of Love Stageplay Purple Tymeka L. Coney
St. Louis City Players Ensemble Irma Shira Tucker
Dating Detox Woman, Virginia S Fontes


Irma Shira Tucker Improv/Scene Study/Thtr. St. Louis City Players Theatre
Joan Lipkin Improv That Uppity Theater Company
Art Silverblatt/Kathy Corley TV/Film Webster University
Cooper Shaw Accents/Dialects Cooper Shaw Studios