Available Locations: Los Angeles
Primary Agent(s):
Theatrical: Theo Caesar  
Commercial: Alan Coto  


Better Things Co-Star (Miss Border) FX Nisha Ganatra
Life In Pieces Co-Star (Nearest Woman) CBS Helen Hunt
Hit The Floor Co-Star (Judge Thomas) VH1 Janice Cooke
Heartbreakers (Mini Series) Co-Star (Margaret) InvestigatioDiscov Kenn MacRae
House of Lies Co-Star (Cindy) Showtime Stephen Hopkins
Nerd Machine/Elderly Frogger Featured (Elderly Lady) Dave Coleman
Dan Levy Comedy Central (Webisode) Featured (Aunt Sharon) Payman Benz
Get Thee Behind Me (9 Episodes) Lead (Adele) Sid Burston
Life on the ENG (Webisode) Featured (Bliss' Mom) Melanie Camp
Pastor Jones #4 (Pilot) Ensemble (Old Lady) Jean Claude LaMarre
Durrty Dav #18 (Webisode) Featured V.O. (Mom) David Goldman
Durrty Dav #20 (Webisode) Featured (Lisa's Mom) David Goldman
Mother's Dance Special Dancer WGN Chicago, IL
Eye On Chicago Lead (Dancer) ABC Chicago, IL
Richard Steele Show Lead (Dancer) Channel 26 Chicago, IL
Common Ground Lead (Dancer) CBS Chicago, IL


Divergent Co-star (Candor Judge) Neil Burger
Power of Love Featured (Athena) Tyler Maddox-Simms
Pastor Shirley (Feature) Featured (Ms. April/Narrator) Jason Horton
Do You Know Where.. (Feature) Lead (Grandma Flora) Cora Anne
Cleaver Family Reunion (Feature) Lead (Grandma Bertha) H. M. Coakley
Love Triangle (Feature) Featured (Mrs. Blake) Markiss McFadden
3rd Generation Female Gangsta (Feature) Lead (Great Mama) Joy Shannon
Douglas U (Feature) Featured (Mrs. Reed) Ryan Miningham
IEP (Short Featured (Ms. Ellis) Jason Gilmore
A Tear (Short) Featured (Mrs. Breyer) S. Berkowitz/K. Vanderlaan
Attached At The Soul (Short) Supporting (Margie Kline) William Leon
Jesus Lovin' Buddhist (Short) Featured (Bertruce) Rashaan Nail
Torn Apart (Student) Featured (Madam Larue) Jas Summers
A Piece of Secret (Student) Featured (Old Lady Witch) Emi Arai
As I Say - 168 Project (Short) Lead (Martha) Ernest Nelms
The Truth (Feature) Featured (Lula) Tymeka Coney
$weethearts (Student) Featured (Ethel) Andrew Ritter
The Things You Lose (Student) Featured (Old Obeah Woman) Amy Kernan-Bennett
Second Class Citizens (Feature) Featured (Judge) Lalit Jobanputra
The Purple Line (Independent) Featured (Grandma Lottie) Jeremy Thomas
Heat Train (Independent) Featured (Ola Mae Maverick) Edward Meliyan
Triangle (Student) Lead (Sonya) Rae-ann Smith
Lemon Pie (Student) Lead (Miss Tuesday) Andrea Capranico
Make a Movie Like (Independent) Supporting (Grandma Betty) Jamil Smith
Trapped Beauty (Student) Featured (Old Woman) Niki Durham
Jessica Sinclair’s Thug Love (Feature) Supporting (Jessica Sinclair) Marchello Thedford
“Pastor Jones: Heavenly Voices (Feature) Supporting Grace) Jean Claude LaMarre


Toyota Lead Dancer Rhys Thomas
Acura Wise Woman Martin De Thurah
Unity Point Health Wife/Patient Ron Hammond
Union Bank Grandmother Brandon Jameson
Transamerica Insurance Grandmother Dan Hertzog
Support Prop 29 Grandmother Kai Hasson
Extend Health Grandmother Euro RSCG Edge
Ford Cars Industrial Older Customer Carmind, Inc.
Verizon "Holiday" Commercial Dancing Grandma David Kellogg
American Airlines (Viral) Flash Mob Dancer David Parker
Go Daddy (Spec) Hip Hop Granny Kazeem Molake
Travel Zoo (Viral/TV) Dancer Oscar Bassinson
Anthem Education Group Lead (Grandmother) Brian Burgett
Alliance Insurance Wife Michael Yakovchik
The Cinderella Book (Print) Fairy God Mother Jessica Taylor
Knott's Berry Farm Grandma E Sasha Levinson
Zumba Senior Fitness (Print) Dancer Mike Powell
Fitness Dance (Informercial) Ensemble Dancer Beau Punckett
Wholehearted Apple iPod Elderly Dancer Mark Romanek


Hurt People Hurt People Lead (Denise) Tai French
Overcome Overjoyed Lead (Mrs. Mildred) Charlia Boyer
An Unfinished Man Supporting (Mrs. Trevor) Myron Ward
To Know Him Is To Love Him Lead (Louise) Angela Duckett Batravil
Cat On A Hot Tin Roof Supporting (Lacey) Brady Schwind
Stepping on a Few Toes Supporting (Mother) Jaimyon Parker
Carol's Christmea Ensemble Steve Heigoth
Jubilee Singers Choreographer Chicago Theatre Company, IL
Chicago Choreographer North Shore Theatre Co. IL
The Wiz Choreographer Kennedy King College IL


Disney Vacation Club Linda Wilson Randy Pryor
Ford Cars Older Customer Carmind, Inc.
I Hate Big Tobacco - Pro Prop 29 Grandmother Kai Hasson
Repeal Prop 8 Training Video Narrator One Sean Abley Dark Blue Films
Asco Aranesp Media Patient Barbara Olsen,Barrington Media


Scene Study Reggie Gaskins
Commercial Acting Workshop Daphane Kirby
Scene Study Barbara Gannen
Stanislovski Method Workshop Jamie Paolinette


Charismatic Speaker
Martha Graham Modern Technique
Ballet and Jazz Technique
African, Social, Latin, Contemporary Proficient
Great with Children