Joe Burns

Union(s): SAG_E
Available Locations: Los Angeles


Move On Co-star Matthew Toronto


Hey Guys and Girls Supporting Hannah Marder
Nostalgia Supporting Aaron Garcia
Roommates Supporting USC / Seth Woodhouse
Oreo Oh-no Lead Aileen Ramirez
Green Jeans Lead Brian Bourque
Pursuit of Glory Lead Kate Marin
Showdown at the OK Saloon Lead Christopher Liebe
Lives Lost Supporting Scott Trost
Avocado Toast Lead Tyler Farr
Sidelined Lead Jubilee Media / Mina Kang


Gritty & Pretty Guest Star Xenia LeBlanc
Figure 8 Lead Leisure Elk / Emma Kazarian


Rules of Love Father Jim McGrath Playhouse West / Kathleen Randazzo
Talk to Me Like the Rain... Man Playhouse West / Wolfgang Bodison
Domestic Violence Michael Playhouse West / Wolfgang Bodison
The Adventures of Tom Sawyer Huckleberry Finn Will & Co. / Colin Cox
Instincts Andy Playhouse West / Wolfgang Bodison
Meisner The Assistant Jarrett Productions / Jim Jarrett
Face Divided Freddy Playhouse West / Kathleen Randazzo


Meisner Technique - Advanced Ongoing Playhouse West Robert Carnegie, Wolfgang Bodison
Comedy/ Audition Playhouse West Sean Whalen
Improv Comedy Playhouse West Jim Nieb
Commercial Training - Ongoing Killian's Workshop Killian McHugh
On-Camera/ Audition - Master Ongoing Margie Haber Studio Margie Haber, Jim Nieb