Kelly Chavers SAG/AFTRA

Available Locations: Los Angeles
Primary Agent(s):
Theatrical: Theo Caesar  


Truth Be Told Laura Loni Peristere
Super Girl CBS Co Star Dermott Downs
CSI CBS Co Star Matt Earl Beesley
Unsolved USA Co Star Anthony Hemingway
Ray Donovan Showtime Co Star Lesli Linka Glatter
The Young & the Restless CBS Co Star CBS Studios


In Search of Hattie Lead Philana Payton (USC PhD Program)
Farsighted Lead Philana Payton (USC PhD Program)


Conflicts Upon Request - -


My Craigslist Roommate Meryl Amy Eller (Webseries)


This Way to Christmas Princess The Studio Theatre
Marat/Sade Simmone Everard The Studio Theatre
Hard to Serve Nell Purdue University Theatre
Moon Women Eat Pecan Pie Constance New Directional Players
Greek Cultural Arts Festival Antigone New Directional Players


Audition Technique Margie Habor Studio
Master's Conservatory Acting Program (4 years) Lisina Stoneburner -
Scene Study Jim Moody -
Auditioning Technique & Cold Reading Richard Futch & Alpha Tyler -
Commercial Technique Steve Merle -
Monologues & On-Camera Acting Sean Bredley -
Acting McKenya Dilworth -