Sam Bass

Union(s): SAG/AFTRA
Available Locations: Los Angeles
Primary Agent(s):
Theo Caesar ()   
Additional Resources:


(TV Series 2018) Guard 2 Hunan TV
Hawaii Five-0 Episode #823 Co - Star Director: Bryan Spicer
(Movie/TV series 2017) Royal Guard Disney - ABC
Marvel Inhumans Recurring Director: Roel Reine
The Negotiator Principal Director: Liu Yi Zhi
Stove League Co - Star Director: Masaharu Take
NCIS Hawaii Episode #121 Co - Star Director: James Whitmore
(TV Series 2010 - Present) Bodyguard CBS
(TV Series 2019 - Present) FBI Leader
The Naked Director Guest - Star Netflix Japan
(TV Series 2018 - Present) Bodyguard CBS
Magnum P.I. Stunt Actor Director: Peter Weller
(TV Series 2021 - Present) DSS Agent CBS
NCIS Hawaii Episode #122 Co - Star Director: Tim Andrews
(TV Series 2021 - Present) DSS Agent CBS


Josh American Film Institute
On April 8th I lost my Mind Lead Director: Jake Sbragia
General Ramsey Sa'Ke Film Group
Two Buddy's Lead Director: Sally Jackson
Buddy Reynolds Fish Fin Productions
Slave Dog Benevolent Renegade Production
Jurassic World 2 Featured Director: J. A. Bayona
Mercenary (Hero Team) Universal Pictures
Return to Life Lead Director: Cliff Bailey
Lobo Phazon Media
Potluck with Smooch Principal Director: Diq Diamond
Frek Phazon Media
Crushing It Lead Director: Emanuele Daga
3 Days Leave Lead Director: EW Brooks
Crossroads Station Lead Director: Cliff Bailey
Miller Benevolent Renegade Production
Occurrence on Channel 38 Lead Director: Diq Diamond
Bouncer Benevolent Renegade Production
Tales of the Circle Keys Supporting Director: Diq Diamond
Cecil Ridiculum Domina Films
Extra Supporting Director: Deborah Glazier
Oldcap Eagle Brooks Entertainment
Duke Diquerson Artzone Productions
The Perfect Illusion Lead Director: Lymari Graciano
Gladiator Netflix
Rebel Moon Supporting Director: Zach Snyder


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