Tiwana Floyd

Union(s): SAG/AFTRA
Available Locations: Los Angeles
Primary Agent(s):
Rose Nix (Theatrical)   
Additional Resources:


Terriers Co-Star Dir Michael Offer FX
Selfie Co-Star Dir Julie Anne Robinson ABC
The Voice Gospel Choir Mark Burnett Prods NBC
General Hospital Under 5 Dir Penny Pengra ABC
Rizzoli & Isles Co-Star Dir Peter B Kowalski TNT
American Crime Co-Star Dir Tanya Hamilton ABC
Scandal Co-Star Dir Jann Turner ABC
NCIS Co-Star Dir Tony Wharmby CBS
Jimmy Kimmel Live Under 5 ABC
Ryan Hansen Solves Crimes on TV Co-Star Dir Jeff Wadlow YouTube Red
No Good Nick Co-Star Dir Bob Koherr NETFLIX
Raven's Home Co-Star Dir Leonard R Garner Jr DISNEY


Monsters Supporting Dir Christina Morris
**The Pact (48 Hour Film Project) Supporting Dir Andrew Madsen Jasperson
**Blueberry (LA Shorts Fest) Supporting Dir Martina Lee
Paper Crowns Lead Dir Sean Smith
Prime Of Life Supporting Dir David W Boykins
Without You Supporting Dir Adam Tyree
Out of The Shadows Supporting Dir James Tarlton
Damon Supporting Dir Eric Richardson
Winning Yesterday Supporting Dir Oliver Jardine


First and Final Guest Star Dir David A Wong
Baked Goodes Co-Star Dir Anna Mehle
Child of The 70's Guest Star Dir Tom Pardoe
Work In Progress Co-Star Dir Marc Cadieux


The Music Is Too Loud Sketch Ensemble, Co-Writer Second City Hollywood
Frenemies Of The State Sketch Ensemble, Co-Writer Second City Hollywood
Period Panties Sketch Ensemble iO West
This Is Not A Tan Sketch Ensemble UCB Sunset
BLK HSTRY MNTH Sketch Ensemble iO West
Jesus Was Ashy Sketch Ensemble UCB Franklin
Legitimate Damn Theatre Sketch Ensemble UCB Sunset
Afros & Asswhoopins Sketch Ensemble Second City Hollywood
Haze Of Our Lives Director, Co-Writer Second City Hollywood
SHADE A Colorful Musical Comedy now running thru August 17th Sketch Ensemble Second City Hollywood


Directed by Antwan Fuqua Craig Gillespie, Jim Jenkins Benji Weinstein
Conflicts Available - 30 Nationals


Reunion Of The Bells Leslie "Supporting" Stella Adler Theatre
HomeWard LA 2019 Sinnetti Jewish Women's Theatre
Changing Woman 85 "Lead" Karen Malina White
Cafe Plays "Tough" Jo "Lead" Ruskin Theatre Tony Torrisi
Canvas Falcons Chorus "Supporting" Dir Troy Gleeson


Aquila/Morong Studio Script Analysis Deb Aquila
Groundlings Core Track Intermediate Karen Maruyama
Mary Lou Belli Sitcom Technique
Second City Hollywood Improv Conservatory Graduate Marc Warzecha, Rob Belushi
Actors Comedy Studio Comedy Technique Todd Rohrbacher
Annie Grindlay Studio Audition Experience Annie Grindlay
Dean Fronk Auditioning for Film Dean Fronk
(NYC) Bob Lambert Soap Opera Intensive
Aquila/Morong Studio Prof Scene Study Donna Morong
Howard Fine Studios Scene Study Howard Fine
Jill Alexander Commercial
(NYC) Ward Studio Meisner Conservatory Graduate Wendy Ward
(NYC) Maggie Flanigan Studio Meisner Summer Intensive Maggie Flanigan
(NYC) Richard Omar Voice/Diction
(NYC) Actor's Movement Williamson Movement
UCLA TFT Alumni Pro Acting for Camera Graduate Judy Moreland, Scott AlanSmith
Identity School of Acting Screen, Movement, Voice, Text Femi Oguns